Listen. Gym memes are funny, and you know it. So when you need to get out of the nitty gritty that is losing weight and busting ass at the gym, I got you. Cause who else is going to kick your butt AND make you laugh? Not many people.

Here are my favorite top 10 gym memes. Some of them may have been sent to me by clients…lol

I dare you not to laugh.

  1. When I have my gym, all machines will have these weights LOL
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“I may not be perfect but my form is.” When your form IS perfect. Like and save this gym quote if YOUR form is perfect in the gym.


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4. My bootcamp classes hahahaha




HAHA! Too much xD

7. TRRUUUUUTH!!!! And don’t stare, either, it’s weird!

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Do you have any favorite fitness memes? Hit me with the in the comments below!

Until next time babes!

xx, Ash