These days, who doesn’t want a perfectly round butt. Out of all my female clients, I think about 85% of them wanted a nicely toned butt. And so they came to me, the butt lifting doctor. Jk that’s not really my nickname, but I sure know how to get those envious glutes!

The following exercises are my Top 10 Booty Poppin’ Exercises to get those glutes on fire and as envious as they come.

10 best exercises for a toned butt with a free workout log
  1. Barbell Hip Thrusts: Listen. I knnoooow they feel weird, and if there’s men around, it feels even more weird. Block ’em out. These are probably my favorite because they target the whole butt. Hold them at the top for about 5 seconds and you’ll really feel the burn!!
  2. Romanian Deadlift: Deadlifts are my all-time favorite exercise to build the posterior chain (fancy talk for the backside of your body). Romanian Deadlifts specifically target your hamstrings and glutes. On this one, the key is to push your hips back as far as possible until you feel that stretch in the back of your leg. These ones it isn’t essential to touch the bar to the ground like regular deadlifts.
  3. Bulgarian Split Squats: Soooo these hurt. I’m not going to lie to you. But they also burn. Burning is good, we like that. Don’t be a weenie, grab some dumbbells and do them, it makes them ten times as effective. Tip for you on these guys, make sure you’re still not bringing that knee over your toe. It may be a balance challenge at first to get your foot far enough in front of you, but you’ll get there
  4. Banded Side Shuffle: This exercise is going to work your side booty. You know, where you have the side indent? That’s what it is. You’ll also feel it in your quads which is perfectly fine. Make sure your resistance band actually has some resistance. Weak lil’ things aren’t gonna cut it. Another thing, STAY LOW; don’t be popping up and down. No go.
  5. Walking Barbell Lunges w/Leg Raise: This is my favorite exercise to do mid-workout on turf. Maybe I’m Satan, it’s fine. Grab your weighted barbell, put it behind your neck and when you step forward into the lunge, lift your back leg. Believe me, you’ll feel it.
  6. Single Leg…ANYTHING: Literally any leg exercise that you do can target your glutes if you do it single leg, with focus on pushing off your heel. Step ups, squats, deadlifts, leg press. You name it, it’ll target your sweet cheeks.
  7. Kettlebell Swings: This is a good one that takes any emphasis off quads because instead of focusing on knee bends like squats, you’re focusing on shifting your hips back and forth. Pro tip: squeeeeeeze that booty at the top. Get a weight heavy enough where you can’t swing it up above your eyes.
  8. Cable Pull Through: You are so welcome. Here’s another one that looks awkward. It’s fine, it doesn’t matter when the goal is booty gains, am I right?! This is the same thing as kettlebell swings; focus on hinging those hips back and forth, squeezing at the top.
  9. Weighted Step-Ups: Those single-leg exercises though!! They’re brutal, but they work. You’re going to want dumbbells for this one, and a platform or bench that’s high enough where it actually does some good. 3 inches off the ground isn’t gonna cut it, friends.
  10. Donkey Kicks: This one can either be done on a machine with weight or just body weight on the ground. The best way to do these on the ground is if you pulse at the top for a couple of beats and then lower it. Exhale as you bring it back and make sure you up the reps on these bad boys. I’d say somewhere from 15-20 a side.

Okay okay, I know what you’re thinking: this girl didn’t even put squats on there, squats are KING! And, you’re right. To a degree. The reason I didn’t add it as one of my top exercises for glutes is because a lot of people are quad dominant. This means they’re more prone to using their quads instead of their glutes to push up from a squat. So you can definitely do them, I just normally prefer them for quad dominant days!

There you have it babes! You are well on your way to getting that booty poppin’! What exercises are you favorites or what ones are you DYING to try??! Hit me in the comments!

Until next time!

xx, Ash

10 best butt lifting exercises and a free workout journal