Positive affirmations; I bet you’ve heard a lot about these guys, especially if you’re into the Law of Attraction. Recently I’ve been studying and reading a lot about mindset, because I think it’s one of those things that makes a huge difference in life. One way to change your mindset? Positive affirmations.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “what do positive affirmations have to do with fitness?” Well believe me. You’d be surprised at how saying simple positive affirmations help immensely.

powerful and effective positive affirmations for weight loss

The Most Powerful Affirmation

So, there are a lot of awesomely amazing positive affirmations out there, but there is one, by far, that I think reigns supreme. What is it?

“I can do it/this”

How seriously easy is it to say this?! Here’s why I think this is the most powerful affirmation you can say for fitness success: getting fit, is hard. Eating right, is hard. If you don’t actually think you can do both of those things, you’re going nowhere, my friend!

The Ultimate Mindset Game

I love sharing this story, and I think it’s probably the exact moment I realized how powerful this statement actually is.

So I played volleyball growing up and throughout high school. My high school coach was beyond amazing, I think I only remember him getting upset at us once or twice because he knew we could do better.

Anyways, during one of our practices, we were all kind of sucking it up, and getting frustrated about it (blame it on lack of sleep, or other distractions like boys, gross). I remember this distinctly, it was during a hitting drill. So either the ball went into the net or out. What.in.the.world.

He stopped everything. He made us gather around in a circle to “watch something”. This is what he did. He made each one of us come up to where he was standing, one-by-one and had us put our arms out like a T. He stood behind us, and said okay, I want you to try and keep your arms up when I try to push them down.

Easy enough, right? Well at least that’s what we thought. So the first time, he said, “okay, I want you to say ‘I can’t do it’, over and over again, out loud. ” Psh, okay. Literally couldn’t keep our arms up. Go figure.

The second time around, he had us try something different. This time, instead of saying ‘I can’t do it’, he wanted us to say ‘I can do it’. For the second time, he tried pushing down our arms, and they stayed up.

Call it magic, call it science, or call it what you want–it worked.

Positive Affirmations and Your Physical Body

Here’s the deal. When you’re into negativity and self-defeating nonsense, it actually takes a toll on your physical body. You can see that in the example above, and examples given by Tony Robbins, Pam Grout, and Jen Sincero, who are well-known smarty pants when it comes to positive mindset.

When you think negatively, have you ever noticed what your physical form looks like? Let me guess. Hunched over, tired, slower than normal, etc.

On the flip side, have you ever noticed your physical body when you’re super pumped and positive? Standing tall, probably talking fast, excited about life! Yes! You can do anything! Am I right?

Positive Affirmation and Fitness

This stuff is no different than when you want to work out. If all you think about is how heavy the weight is, how tired you are, how much of a failure you feel like, or how much you don’t want to be there, how well do you think your gym session is going to go?

Um, newsflash, it’s gonna suck. And you’re not going to get anything out of it. Getting a new personal best? Forget it. Pushing your body to the limits instead of half-assing it? Not even close.

To help combat the negative feelings and maybe lack of self-esteem, I’m going to give you 25 positive affirmations you can use to get that positivity flowing and give you the workout you need to reach fitness success.

Positive Affirmations

  1. I CAN do this
  2. I am powerful
  3. I can lift this weight with ease
  4. I am capable of change
  5. I am strong! I am fit!
  6. I feel good when I work out
  7. I have boundless energy when I workout and eat right
  8. I am a weight lifting machine!
  9. I am excited to be healthy
  10. I am grateful for what my body can do
  11. Today I am shedding self-doubt and negativity
  12. When I work out, I cleanse my body and my mind
  13. I radiate positivity when I see what my body can accomplish
  14. I am built for success
  15. I can succeed in anything I set my mind to
  16. I can do any exercise I need to to reach my goal weight
  17. My fitness goals are achievable
  18. I have massive amounts of self-confidence at the gym
  19. I am beautiful
  20. I have a great relationship with food
  21. When I learn the basics, I will be able to accomplish anything
  22. Every day I work out, I’m getting closer and closer to my goals
  23. I am able to achieve my goals when I work out
  24. Working out makes me a more focused and productive person
  25. I love working out

What I want you to do, is pick 2-3 that you can feel with the most emotion, and repeat them every day and I promise you’ll see a difference! I honestly believe that working out, fitness, and reaching your goals is way more mindset than it is ability.

Train your mind just like you train your body. Work on it every day, and don’t give up. What’s the point of giving up, so you can end up right where you started? I think not. Cause you’re better than that. Give it all you’ve got!

Chat soon,

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