So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what kind of post I could write to give you my all-time best advice. What can I write about that’s gonna be considered a benefit to you, my amazing readers?

Another How-To? Another workout? Nahhh. None of those felt right for this week. Then it dawned on me.

I’ve been in charge of a campaign/weight loss competition for work, and it is extremely motivating, frustrating as all hell, and much needed for those involved. I’ve been helping friends on the side with their journeys as well, and I’ve been seeing a common theme.

That’s when I decided I’d write a letter, to all those people who are trying to reach any kind of weight loss/fitness goal and are discouraged to no end.

weight loss journey: when your negative self talk is at an all time high, read this

Dear Discouraged Friend,

I know what it’s like, wanting to make a change. I know what it’s like to feel like you’re never going to get there. Feeling like you have many mountains to climb, and not enough energy to climb them.

I know you’ve been eating salads and chicken instead of pizza and sweets, getting up early to kill yourself at the gym instead of sleeping in. And you still feel like you’re not making any progress.

“It would be easier to just go back to my old habits, I was happier that way”, is a constant thought running through your head. Because it’s hard. You are so sick of what you see when you look in the mirror but are afraid no matter what, it’s not going to change.

Would you be happier though? Going back to your old self? That person with low self-esteem and no courage to realize how amazing you are?

I bet you’re asking yourself “how do you know all these things, you’re skinny. You’re a personal trainer, you don’t know what it’s like.” I know, because I’ve been there.

I have had plenty of days/nights crying in front of the mirror because of how unhappy I was with the person that was staring back at me. I’ve had my share of downfalls and discouragements. Of not feeling “enough” in any sense of the word.

So trust me when I say, I get it. I understand.

I understand how frustrating and discouraging and outright annoying it is to not be where you want to be. But I also know, how unbelievable crazy it is if you give up.

Life is not meant to be lived miserable, or mundane.

It is meant to be lived boldly, courageously, and ambitiously.

So and do something about it. That took a turn you weren’t expecting, didn’t it. I can have empathy for you, and believe me, I do. But I’m also here to kick your butt, and mindset, into shape.

“It’s hard!” Okay. Get all your frustrations out about how it’s hard. Why is it hard?

Is it hard because you’re lazy? Instead of taking effort to go on Pinterest, or this new thing called GOOGLE, you say you can’t figure out how to plan healthy meals? Really?! Really.

Is it hard because you don’t know what to do when you get to the gym? And again can’t look up stuff on the internet?

Is it hard because instead of getting outside of your comfort zone, you find every excuse not to?


I am JUST like you. I have 24 hours in the day. I have a full time job, plus a personal training job and a website to update every day. I have a family that needs my help, friends who never see me because of how much I work, and I still have time to meal prep for the week, and workout every day.

So stop. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. What’s it doing, anyways? Rome wasn’t built in a day, and to think you’re going to miraculously lose all the weight you want in 10 days is crazy. It’s crazy.

You’ve got to get that mindset right, friends. Tell yourself it’s not going to happen overnight. But also tell yourself that you’ll be damned if you give up. Because amazing things happen when you don’t give up.

Lives change when people don’t give up.

The world changes when people don’t give up.

I know you’re discouraged. If you are doing everything right, you have every right to be discouraged. But don’t give up. Feel that emotion, and then promise yourself to do whatever you have to, to never feel that way again.

I promise you, you’ve got this. You are stronger and more amazing than you think. And for what you’re doing, trying to lose weight and accomplish your goals, you are inspiring someone.

Reach out if you need help. I got you.

Your Friend In This Journey,

Ash xx

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weight loss journey:  when your negative self talk is at an all time high, read this