You’ve heard all of the quotes about “where there’s a will, there’s a way”, and “if you dream it, you can do it” but why are so many people still stuck where they don’t want to be?

As I’ve trained clients, and in my own personal life, I’ve noticed that when I’m just like “eh, it would be nice to have”, or with the “sure” attitude, it’s not only harder to accomplish something, it’s nearly impossible.

Why in the world would you want to work for something that you’re not really stoked to be doing? That’s why it’s important to find your WHY.

Anytime you start something new, there’s a reason, right?  Even if, for example, you tell everyone it’s “to lose x amount of weight”, there’s a reason WHY you want to lose that weight. 

Is it to gain more self-confidence? 

Inspire someone close to you? 

What I want you to do, is figure out what your WHY is. Dig down deep. Now post it somewhere you see on a consistent basis.  This is going to be your go-to when you feel like giving up.  Listen, I get it.  Change is hard.  But you can do hard.  You got this. 

Find your why and let’s get to it! If you ever need help, you can throw me a shout out! I’m all about motivating and getting people off their butts.

And remember, you’re stronger than you think, and you can do WHATEVER you set your mind to.

Until next time babes!

xx, Ash