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Top 10 Tuesdays

Top 10 Ab Destroying Exercises

plank, ab workout, flat tummy, core, fitness

Listen. Bathing suit season is right around the corner and who doesn’t wanna have the bod to flaunt when it happens. The dreaded bathing suit shopping is NO MORE! You’re gonna go, and you’re gonna like it. Or at least that’s the goal, right? To help you get those envious flat abs, I’ve compiled a […]

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Top 10 Fitness Quotes To Get Motivated

Sometimes, I don’t want to do anything. Sweats and hot apple cider seem more my jam than getting up and putting effort into kicking my own butt. And then inevitably, I come across some fitness quote whilst perusing Pinterest. BAM. Workout clothes, on. Shoes, on. It’s time to be BADASS. These are some of said […]

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