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    Letter From a Trainer-For When You’re Feeling Discouraged

    So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what kind of post I could write to give you my all-time best advice. What can I write about that’s gonna be considered a benefit to you, my amazing readers? Another How-To? Another workout? Nahhh. None of those felt right for this week. Then it dawned on me. I’ve been in charge of a campaign/weight loss competition for work, and it is extremely motivating, frustrating as all hell, and much needed for those involved. I’ve been helping friends on the side with their journeys as well, and I’ve been seeing a common theme. That’s when I decided I’d write a letter, to…

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    Fitness 101

    50 Must Know Gym Terms

    It’s happened. You made it. You signed up at the gym. *and the heavens opened and angels starting singing* And yet…immediate anxiety starts flowing through your body. You’re a gym beginner. You realize you know nothing. Like, nothing. What are all the gym equipment names?! What’s a good gym routine for beginners?! Never fret!! I’ve got you. I have compiled the ultimate beginner’s guide to the gym with of 50 of the most common fitness terms for gym beginners like you! Here’s to starting to feel confident instead of confused while you’re at the gym! Don’t know what to do once you get there? Check out one of my recent…

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    Fitness 101

    I Finally Made It To The Gym. Now What?

    Are you a gym beginner? Do you ever feel so lost about what to do at the gym that when you get there you just walk on the treadmill? Not anymore! I’ve got you covered. I’m going to give you 5 different options for when you’re totally lost. 1. H.I.I.T What H.I.I.T Is I bet you’ve heard this phrase over and over and over but maybe you still aren’t sure what it is. To start with, the acronym H.I.I.T is short for high intensity interval training. To put it simply, this is when you put in a ton of hard work (high intensity) in a short amount of time. And…