So many fitness influencers/experts/trainers produce workout plans that are difficult for even the seasoned gym goer. Most workout guides already assume you know how to do exercises, or have people start from the middle instead of the beginning, like all beginners should.

Well what about for beginners?? Where are THOSE workouts?! You’re in luck, I’ve rounded up the 15 best beginner workouts, ranging from core to full body. Can’t jump? Got you covered. Have injuries? No problem.

15 Best beginner workouts, low impact and no weights required

The following videos are proven to be loved by beginners (I’m not lying, they told me)! And don’t worry, you can easily do these at home, or at the gym. Now you really don’t have any excuses 😉

Let’s dig in!

Full Body Workouts For Beginners

If someone says they’ve never done a Billy Blanks Tae-Bo workout video, they’re lying. Oldie but a goodie! And who doesn’t love to kick some serious butt? Best part about it? You don’t need any equipment

Be prepared for even more workouts with this team, they are absolutely amazing for beginner workouts. If you have injuries (especially knees and backs), or just can’t move like you used to, no worries! Low impact = no jumping.

If you’re feeling adventurous, give this one a try! Don’t let the fact that it’s from Nike make you nervous, you can do it, I promise! Go at your own pace, and follow the modifications if you need to, but keep moving!

Okay, saving the best for last. This instructor has such great energy, she’s so fun while kicking your butt. Enjoy!

Lower Body Workouts

Leg day is the best day, don’t fight me on this. Literally my favorite day! What other day do you feel like freaking Wonder Woman/Superman, arm day?! No. So start embracing it. This one is gonna kick your trash, I’m not going to lie. But do it anyways 😀

I just want you to know that I’m smiling really big for you, because this is another leg killer! You want those perfectly toned legs and perky glutes, don’t you?! I believe in you, keep pushing when it burns, that’s where the magic happens

Whew!! This one is no joke! These movements are so slight (and more Pilates in nature) but holy cow! Sometimes those small movements hurt more than big movements! Perfect for isolating (or targeting) all the muscles that make up your glutes! And only 20 minutes. Win, win.

If you don’t have shaky legs after this one, you need to up the ante. Cause it hurts. Hurts so good. This one is also a double wammy and flows perfectly into our next section, core workouts.

Want some more booty exercises? Click here!

Core Workouts

Told you these coaches would show up again! This is perfect for beginners who have injuries and can’t do core work on the floor! Also good for those with knee injuries because it’s low impact again. Rock on, Team Has!

This core workout is so short, you could do it before you have to leave for work. Perfect at home core workout! Don’t let the time limit fool you though, you’re still going to feel this in every inch of your core! Yowza!

Another short, can do at home core workout! Really, you can’t give me the “no time” excuse. 20 minutes? You have 20 minutes. And for a chance to tone that tummy and get a six pack? Sign me up!!

The instructor may be smiling, but you probably won’t be hahaha. In all seriousness, give this one a try, and remember to modify where needed! We want you to build up to some of these exercises, don’t be deterred if you can’t do them exactly right the first time

Need that core even more sore? Check these exercises out!

Upper Body Workouts

This one can seem a bit tricky because weights are needed, but don’t let that be an excuse! You can tone those arms with using household supplies like gallons of milk, flour, or even invest in a pair of 5-10 pound dumbbells, you’re guaranteed to use them in the future!

17 minutes say whaaaat? YES. I’ve added Has Fit again because my beginner clients have LOVED what they have to offer.

You want an upper body workout without needing weights? I’ve got you covered! This one is just as tough as weighted workouts and just as effective too!

There you have it! My 15 Best Beginner Workouts. Most of them don’t require any big time commitment OR weights. Proof that doing things like this at home can still bring you massive results!

Which one did you like the best? Which one are you most excited to try? Drop me a comment below!