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Here’s the thing. Anyone can say anything they want, about anything. Does it means it’s right? Ummm no.

Case in point: I was talking to one of my 12 yr old nieces about how to get oil out of her hair without washing it, cause who likes washing their hair every day. Not this girl. And my hair is long. Like low back long. Like adds an additional half an hour- 45minutes to my beauty routine when I wash it, long.

Annnnyyways, I told her what I do when I don’t have anymore dry shampoo left- use baking soda. Later, I get a freak out text from her about how baking soda is SO BAD for your hair and it makes it fall out!!! My first response was where in the world did you hear that? Two words, and I bet you can guess it….the internet.

Long story short, her hair didn’t fall out, mine never has, and all is right in the world. My point is, though, that the internet says SO MANY UNTRUE THINGS, it’s bizarre! (also, I’m just gonna put this out there, y’all my have different opinions on the baking soda thing, which is totally fine, keep living your life, peeps!)

What I am going to do, is debunk the most common fitness myths so that we can put these bad boys to bed for GOOD. Please, for good. Cause I’m sick of hearin’ ’em.

Myth 1: You Can Spot Reduce

Fact: No. No you can’t. If we could, why are there dudes out there with tiny legs and big bellies? Your genetics play a big part in where you store fat, as does your gender. Women mainly hold our weight in our butt and thighs. How that’s fair, I’ll never know.

Here’s the truth behind the myth. You can build muscle in specific spots if you work at it. Example: guys with big chests and small legs, cause they work chest 4 times a week. Where you work muscles, is where they’ll grow.

For fat, on the other hand, when you lose fat, you don’t get to pick and choose where it comes from. Once again, that decision is gonna be genetics.

Myth 2: Women Can’t Do The Same Workouts As Men

Fact: Okay. I don’t even know where this one came from. Like, what in THE world. You guuuuuys, women can do the SAME EXACT WORKOUTS as dudes. The same ones. What workouts you should do is based solely on your fitness goals.

If you’re wanting to thin out instead of build muscles, then, no, don’t do the same one as the local bodybuilder, but that’s literally the only reason. Ladies, lift the iron. You and your new badass self will thank me later

Myth 3: Lifting Heavy Makes Women Bulky

Fact: *facepalms* I mentioned this same myth in this post about how it’s just not true. You know what makes you bulky? Testosterone and steroids. Know what else makes you bulky? Overeating. Lifting weights will make you bulky when you put it together with the other 3 that I mentioned. You’ll be fine.

Lifting heavy actually burns more calories after the workout than lifting lighter. Also, you wanna get “toned”? This is part of the “how to”. Right now, I’m the same weight as a couple years ago, but am down 2 pant sizes. Mind.blown. That’s also one reason why you should focus on fat loss, not weight loss. Now lift up the weights and show people what you’re made of. You’ll love it, I promise.

Myth 4: Toning Muscles Means Cardio, Not Weights

Fact: Cardio is the worst. I hate cardio. Why would you want to do cardio instead of lifting weights? Sounds like a personal hell to me!

Now, Imma let you in on a little secret. Come on, lean on in a liiiiitle closer. The way you get “toned” is by losing enough fat to see your muscles. The best way to do that, is to do weight lifting and cardio hand in hand. You’re not going to be able to see the muscles, if you don’t have the muscles. No matter how much cardio you do, you feel me?

Myth 5: Muscle Weighs More Than Fat

Fact: Here’s a little math problem for you. Which one weighs more, a pound of feathers, or a pound of bricks? Answer? They’re the same weight. That’s exactly how it is with muscle and fat.

Same weight, different density

I think where the confusion comes in, is fat takes up more space than muscle. So where they’re the same in weight, the density is different. A pound is a pound, peeps. The overall composition is different

Myth 6: Machines Are Better Than Free Weights

Fact: They’re used for different things and I’ll explain the difference. Machines are used for isolation exercises. Isolation exercises are where you are targeting one very specific muscle. Majority of machines have you sitting, correct? That’s because it’s taking out any work for any stabilizing muscles.

Free weights, a.ka. barbells, dumbbells, etc) are used for compound movements. These are full body. When you’re doing barbell squats to work legs, you’re actually utilizing your back muscles, your glutes, your core, you shoulders, etc, because you have to stabilize yourself

Overall, I normally lean towards the free weights because I want to get the most out of my workout. However, I also incorporate machines into my routines. Moral of the story, change it up

Myth 7: Crunches Give You Abs

Fact: Okay, imma be real with you. Eons ago, I used to think this. I’d do 120 crunches every night before bed. So wrong. So.very.wrong.

Crunches target your abs, don’t get me wrong here, but there are SO many better exercises that work your entire core. (Just a heads up as well, your core is comprised of front, side, and back muscles. It’s like a corset.)

An exercise that’s a better choice? Planks. All the planks. Also, as mentioned before, to be able to see your abs, you need to have reduced body fat, so try going after full body goodness.

Myth 8: Carbs Are Only in Grains and Breads

Fact: Funny story. I actually heard a girl talking about this today, and I’ve heard it sooooo many times before. They’re ‘cutting out all carbs to lose weight’, and then they have a banana.

Okay. Lemme lay this out for you. Bananas are one of the highest carb-ed fruit. There’s carbs in fruit, vegetables, lentils, nuts, etc. Normally when people are cutting out ‘all carbs’, they just means grains. Don’t be that person and get it completely wrong. You just sound silly.

Myth 9: You Should Stretch Before You Workout

Fact: This one is slightly confusing. Before you workout, you should get warmed up. But that means move your body. That could be anything from walking on the treadmill, to doing body weight squats, to jump roping.

Another thing you could do, is called dynamic stretches/warm-up. This is where you are getting your body ready to work. It a way that gets your heart pumping and takes your body through ranges of motions that you could be mimicking in the workout itself . This could involve butt kicks, Toy soldier, lunges with a twist, etc.

When you static stretch, which is staying in one place and holding the stretch, that could actually do more harm than good. Want to static stretch at the end? Go for it, your muscles need the cool down

Myth 10: You’ll Only Lose Fat If You’re At the Gym For Hours

Fact: Who has time to be at the gym for hours at a time?? I sure don’t! Ever heard of HIIT (high intensity interval training)? If not, it’s where you kick butt for only 20-30 minutes.

I mean blood, sweat and tears in those 20-30 minutes, panting like a dog. You’ll still be benefiting from it up to 2 hours AFTER you stopped working out! That will out-benefit hours of steady state cardio any day of the week, friends.

So there you have it, friends. What fitness myths have you heard? Comment below!

Until next time babes,

xx Ash